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Apartments Fill | Apartments in Kastelruth / South Tyrol

Where could holidays probably be spent in a more relaxing way than in the South Tyrolean mountains? The apartments Fill offer the ideal conditions to make new and unusual experiences, simply let your mind wander and switch off from the daily routine. But already the natural location of the apartments Fill in Kastelruth is a guarantee for this. This is namely 500 meters from the center of Kastelruth. So you will enjoy the natural location in the Schlern area, especially around the Seiser Alm and from your apartment, you will have an easy access to the highlights of the region. The holiday house of the Fill family are ideal for nature-loving tourists and for those interested in culture, who want to learn region, country and people, starting from your apartment.

Apartments in South Tyrol: Where the holiday turns into an adventure

Enjoy the spectacular view of the imposing peaks of the Dolomites from your apartments Fill and the fact that in the region the sun prevails for about 300 days a year. Of course the accommodations in Kastelruth offer you also the best conditions to experience the beauty of nature actively. During the summer months long walks and bike rides through the region are the ideal solution. In the apartments Fill you can optimally combine the landscape enjoyment with delightful culinary moments. Your accommodations in Kastelruth in South Tyrol are located at the intersection of Alpine and Mediterranean areas, so both kitchens are widely spread in the region.

Apartments Fill


An apartment in Kastelruth near the Seiser Alm: discover magical places

From the apartment in Kastelruth you will have the best opportunities to discover the magical scenery of the Dolomites and explore magical places. For example, you can use the stay in an apartment in Kastelruth to accompany the witch Martha on a hike through the Nature Park Schlern-Rosengarten. But you can explore the alpine world also on one of the ten Dolomite mountain trails. For example, the path of legends is fully dedicated to the South Tyrolean mythology, which is documented in several collections. You can get information about the legend of King Laurin from Rosengarten, which was subject in the fight to the no less legendary Dietrich von Bern.

Among the most popular hiking destinations around Kastelruth counts the Marinzenalm. This is directly above the town at an altitude of around 1,500 meters along the slopes of Puflatsch mountain. In the summer this is a popular destination for excursions. The five-kilometer trail with the path “Pilzweg” and the “Königswarte” (belvedere point) in the Laranzer wood is very popular for families with children.
No less popular is a trip to the so-called witches benches that are located at the highest point of Puflatsch at an altitude of 2,176 meters. According to the legend, the witches of the region have liked to meet here in the past. Although some scientists see the strange rock formation as a natural event, however, it cannot be ruled out that there was a cult here in the Stone Age.

If you want to properly enjoy the original nature around Kastelruth, you should not miss a walk on the geologists’ trail. This is a trail that has been created for families who want to learn about the world of the mountains. Along ten stations you will learn about the rock and the region.

During the winter months, guests can choose among plenty of opportunities for active recreation. The sports facilities in the region offer to guests of all ages a variety of alternatives. For example, for children there is a wide offer of ski courses, so that they can easily learn to ski in winter holiday in Kastelruth.

Apartments in Kastelruth:
discover the region from its original side

From your apartment in Kastelruth you can enjoy intense nature experiences on the nearby Seiser Alm. A special highlight is the rich flora of the region. Since the spring of 2006, you can hike from the apartments Fill for example along the Hans-and-Paula-Steger-path which leads from Compatsch to Saltria. From information boards on-site you can find out more about culture and landscape of the region.